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How then does astrology manifest in the financial markets?

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Astrology can be used to predict and identify the subtle energy changes in the psychology of the masses. The next step is to see how the energy impacts world events and financial markets. The movement of the planets is always predictable in time, but the REACTION of the masses through financial market trading is still a mystery. This occurs because individuals react differently to the same astrological influence. Take someone who is receiving a boost of Mars energy for a few days this person could initiate a fight or other war-like acts or simply channel increased physical stamina towards some other benevolent activity. Astrology does nothing to limit individual free will; it only provides focus to the everyday questions of what, how, why, and with whom how we answer them is up to us.

For this reason, there is no successful black box which can translate astrology into a standalone trading model. Anyone ignoring the meaning of astrological signals within the context of fundamental and technical factors is sure to lose his shirt.

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