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One of the first published tests of natal astrology was "Cosmic Influences on Human Behavior", by Dr. Michel Gauquelin, which tested the thesis that planetary house locations were related to a person’s career path. As an example, his findings showed that charts of well known sports champions were more likely to place Mars in specific house locations. More recently, the Magi Society published "Astrology Really Works" in 1995 that showed results of similar tests conducted on professional athletes, top CEOs, Hollywood entertainers, leading corporations and America’s wealthiest individuals. The professional athlete data set consisted of every single professional baseball and basketball player that ever played. Among their many findings is a list of “Super Aspects” which defines specific planetary aspects common to individuals who are recognized as leaders in their fields. They also provide an introduction on both electional and relationship astrology – so individuals without super success aspects can create them by timing the beginning of events such as employment dates (“electional astrology”) or by carefully choosing business partners or a spouse (“synastry astrology”).

Once you prove it to yourself that astrology works on your own chart, then it doesn’t require a leap of faith to understand how the same influences affect mass human psychology and the financial markets in tandem.

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