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Payment information guidelines




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Guidelines about informing us concerning your direct payment into our bank account


If you are transferring amount through net-banking or direct deposit of cash or cheque into our account, please read the following paragraph carefully.

After depositing the amount,
please inform Shyam, at his personal email address and/or on Shyam's cell-phone, about your payments with following details to enable us to execute your order at the earliest:

1. Amount deposited/ transferred to our account (also mention bank's name and account number in which amount was deposited).
2. The mode of deposit (cash, cheque, transferred through net banking channels etc.).
3. The date - when amount was deposited.
4. The name of city, where amount has been deposited.
5. The purpose (name of the product or service) for which the amount has been deposited.
6. The name of your bank through which amount has been transferred, either by net banking or cheque.


Your birth-data in proper format (if product/service is based on your own horoscope).

If you provide the above mentioned information properly, it will help us in reconciling our bank accounts quickly and we shall be able to execute your order at the earliest possible.