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Paying through Bank instruments and Money orders
Bank-draft, Bank-cheque, Money order, International Money order, Electronic Transfers etc.




Index of various payment modes & options



You may send us the required amount through a bank-draft, bank-cheque, Local money-order, International Money order or Electronic Money Transfer.

The bank instrument should be mailed to us through registered post along with your birth-data (in proper format) and the details of the product/ service required. Also write your specific instructions (if any). Our postal address may be found at "Contact" page.

Paying through the Bank-draft or Personal cheque
The instrument (Bank-draft or Personal cheque) should be written in favour of "SHYAM SUNDER KANSAL". (Shyam is the owner of this website). The instrument should also be marked as "A/C Payee only" to safe-guard against unauthorized payment.

The bank draft may either be drawn on "Bulandshahr" or "New Delhi", India.

If you are sending a Personal cheque (instead of bank-draft),
please read following notes carefully:


The orders against personal cheques would  be executed only after the cheque is cleared and amount is credited to our account. The overseas cheques may take up to 45 days in clearing. The outstation cheques, within India,  may take up between 15 to 30 days. However, if the branch of your banker exists in Bulandshahr and your cheque is marked "Payable at par at all branches in India", then your cheque may be cleared within 3 to 5 days.


You will have to add service-charges, to be charged by our bank for collecting out-station cheques, to the cost of product/service purchased through this site. Please enquire us about the bank's service-charges before sending your outstation cheque.


If you are located in an Indian city, where a branch of our bankers exists, you may directly deposit your personal cheque to our account in our Bank's branch in your city. As all the branches of my banks are connected on-line through-out India, your cheque will be credited to my account within 2-3 days. THERE WILL BE NO SERVICE-CHARGES (Collection charges) by the bank in such cases.

Please take care. Do not send such cheques to me. Deposit it yourself in Bank's branch located in your city, else, you will have to add collection charges.

Paying through Electronic Transfers (ET)
The amount may be sent to our bank via electronic transfer (ET). It takes about 4 working days when the credit is reflected in our bank account.

To view a sample Electronic Transfer voucher, click here.
Paying through International Money orders
The amount may be sent through "International Money Order" also. It may take up to 45 days in collection from overseas issuing bank before the credit is reflected in our bank account.

The International Money Order should favour "SHYAM SUNDER KANSAL" (Shyam is the owner of this website) and should be drawn on Bulandshahr or New Delhi.  Send it to the postal address mentioned on our contact page.

To view a sample International Money Order, click here.
Paying through Money orders within India
If you are living within India, the required amount may easily be remitted through a Money Order also. Address your Money order to "Shyam Sunder Kansal" and send it to the postal address mentioned on our contact page. (Shyam is the owner of this website)

Write your name, city, telephone number (preferably mobile telephone's number) and email address on the space provided for message on Money Order form itself.

Also send an email with the Money order details, your birth-data, the purpose (name of my product or service) for which the amount has been sent and any special instruction.