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Paying through Money transfer Companies
("Western Union"; "Xpress Money"; "MoneyGram" etc.)




Index of various payment modes & options



You may make payments for our products and services through the world-wide network of Western Union Money Transfer,  Xpress Money or MoneyGram also. The payment would be received by us almost instantly or within 24 hrs. at the most, from any part of the globe. Please read the following instructions carefully.

Deposit the required amount (to be remitted to us), along with the money transfer company's service charges, to your nearest agent of concerned money transfer company (Western Union Money Transfer, Xpress Money or MoneyGram). These companies have world-wide network and in most of the cities, their agents may be found easily.

2. The amount should be addressed / sent to:


Shyam Sunder Kansal

(Sole proprietor of the website)


1, Prakriti-Vihar,
Opp. LIC Building
D.M. Colony road
Bulandshahr (U.P.) - 203001

Important Note: Spelling of the name should be exactly written as "Shyam Sunder Kansal".

Tel. nos.

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3. Send us the following information carefully:

The money transfer company's agent would give you a  secret code. You have to communicate this secret code to Shyam, along with your name (or the name of the person who deposited amount with money transfer agent).

(Please remember that you should fill in your exact name in money transfer company's form while paying them and should communicate the same exact name to us also)

You need to send us the following information at above written email ids:
Secret code provided by the money transfer company's agent

Western Union's 10-digit  MTCN code, or

MoneyGram's 8-digit reference number, or

Xpress Money's 16-digit XPIN number
Your name (exactly as noted by money transfer company's agent)
City and Country from where amount was sent
Your telephone number (including Country and City code)
4. Other details required to be sent:

Also write your birth-data (in proper format) and name of the report/service required for which the amount has been sent. Also write your specific instructions (if any).