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Depositing cash or cheque to any of our bank accounts




Index of various payment modes & options



If you are based in India
and a branch of any of the following banks

Standard Chartered Bank Account detail
Punjab National Bank Account detail
IDBI Bank Account detail
Axis Bank Account detail

is available in your city, You may directly deposit the required amount to any branch of the above mentioned banks,
anywhere in India, through
Cash  or  Cheque or transfer amount through Net-banking

Click here for Bank account details

If you are depositing a cheque into our account, please read following notes


The orders against personal cheques would  be executed only after the cheque is cleared and amount is credited to my account. The overseas cheques may take up to 45 days in clearing. The outstation cheques, within India,  may take up between 15 to 30 days.


You will have to add service-charges, to be charged by my bank for collecting out-station cheques, to the cost of product/service purchased through this site. Please enquire me about the bank's service-charges before depositing your outstation personal cheque into my account.


If you are located in an Indian city, where a branch of my bankers exists, you may directly deposit your personal cheque to my account in my Bank's branch in your city. As all the branches of my banks are connected on-line through-out India, your cheque will be credited to my account within 2-3 days. THERE WILL BE NO SERVICE-CHARGES (Collection charges) by the bank in such cases.

Please take care. Do not send such cheques to me. Deposit it yourself in Bank's branch located in your city. Otherwise, you will have to add collection charges.

Do not forget to inform us about your payment. Read instructions

If product/service is based on your own horoscope, send your birth-data in proper format