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The Sarvatobhadra-chakra
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W.D. Gann

The legendry astro-trader who used Sarvatobhadra chakra as "Square of Nine".


Shyam have been working on a very comprehensive software for "Sarvatobhadra-Chakra" calculations for last 25 yrs, since year 1996. The software can decide applicable vedhas, of various planets on various components of SBC (the "Panchakas"), depending upon their speed and direction of motion. It can also decide "Swara", "Tithi", "Nakshatra", "Rasi" just by choosing the appropriate Varna/ consonant of "Naamakshara". It also considers the "Ek-paad drishti" / "Do-paad drishti" etc. of various planets on various components. To exactly quantify the results, thus achieved, it also considers planet's exaltation, dignity etc.

This software is for Shyam's personal use only. It's copies are not sold.


Some screen shots of his softwares may be viewed on following pages:

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