The Company or Brand  name should not be an accident of fate


Corporate Astro-Numerology: (page 2)
Fortunate and Lucky Names for Company, Business or Brands, Films and TV Serials


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Corporate Numerology (page-2)
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How can Shyam help you?
Shyam will suggest you the brand or company name which suits you the best keeping in mind your product/service and your birth-details. Shyam has pioneered the art of using Astrology as a base and finding practical solutions through Numerology.
Shyam can help you with the colour of your logo which will be the most lucky for your brand or company.
What will you get if you order for Business Numerology Report?

Analysis of your current company’s name or brand name and its compatibility with your product/service and your birth-details.

Help in fixing a new company/brand name (if needed)

Auspicious date to launch a new product/start a new business

Help with the colour of your company/brand logo
What do we want from you in order to process your report?
Name of the existing company/brand, if any
Date of start of the business, if the business is in operation (if available)
Name of the directors/partners/proprietor
Birth-data of directors/partners/proprietor (if available)
Nature of product/service
Current Logo
However, please note the following:
Astro-Numerology is an occult science and Shyam suggests you remedies and solutions based on his understanding of science and experience.
During times like recession when the whole world is troubled you will not remain untouched; however the extent of negatives in your life will be minimal. Not everyone suffered during recession, people with good birth-chart and a harmonious name kept on sailing smooth.
At times there could be a problem in your date of birth which could give you lifelong trouble. Shyam will suggest remedies which will strike a balance. It is not possible to change your fortune altogether. However, there has been instances where after a change in the name, the life of the native has changed altogether as well. For example, no one knew Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, however she is well known by the name Lady Gaga, no one knew Rajeev Bhatia, however everyone knows the Indian actor Akshay Kumar. Mallika Sherawat, the successful Indian actress kept on struggling to become a successful model with the name Reema Lamba, without any success.

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Use of "Corporate Astrology", in consonance with Corporate numerology, widens the scope of applications much further. It will help you in finding the lucky dates and intra-day timings to enter into partnerships, for new product launch, mergers and franchising etc. Click here for complete details about Corporate Astrology.