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A revolution in the utility of astrology beyond imagination
The date-wise conclusion of Vedic astrology principles-applicable to your own horoscope

Some "best and unique uses" of real and meaningful astrology are now possible with the help of Vjyotish-exl. It can provide you date-wise predictions for more than 250 aspects of your life, like wealth, sudden-gains, speculation, honours, sexual behaviour, education, journeys, intelligence, personality traits, health and many-many more subtle areas of your life.

Vjyotish-exl is a dynamic model for predictions, based on Vedic Astrology principles. The innovative is the 'concept' and 'method' of drawing a net astrological conclusion in precise numerical terms, called as 'net astrological effect', by mathematically quantifying various key astrological parameters. The method is unique in that it quantifies the benefic and malefic influences of each planet, their strengths (Shadbala), their transit through various sensitive points of a natal chart, effects of operating Vimsottari dasa etc. in precise unambiguous figures. It is also unique in that it combines the effects of different planets and houses and can integrate the effects of various planets with respect to each other.




Chaughadia Muhurtas


Gulika & Yamaghantak

Planetary-hours ("Hora")

Ascendant calculator

Name root no. calculator

And, many more such FREE utilities.

Further, it is a totally integrated close loop system, where the effects of all the planets are simultaneously considered. It is universal and internally consistent and it also is least dependent on an individual astrologer’s judgment. This is because the astrological parameters are very well quantified.

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The program integrates natal promises of various planets in a horoscope with their transit status in a very simple and elegant manner. Eminent astrology scholars, like Dr.K.S.Charak, Prof.P.S.Sastri, Mr.Vinay Aditya, Dr.Amitabh Varma; after going through the internal calculation algorithm of 'Vjyotish indexes', opined that it is indeed a pioneering concept in the history of computer astrology that has ever been visualized for analyzing 'each day' of a person in such detail.

How Vjyotish-exl can help you?


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Vjyotish-exl is the most powerful personalized astrological planner for scheduling the critical decisions of your day-to-day life.
Areas of your life - which can be analyzed on day-to-day basis

It's a pioneering concept of quantified astrological net-effects for personalized daily predictions by quantifying the key astrological parameters, giving the quantum, time and type of the expected results, in graphic format.    see an example


What eminent astrology scholars opine?

What people opine around the globe?

"I am highly impressed by the use of Ashtakvarga in a very scientific and uniquely innovative way. This approach is certainly going to be a landmark in predictive astrology."

Dr. K. S. Charak
M.S. (Surgery), F.R.C.S. (UK)
Editor- "Vedic Astrology" bi-monthly journal
Author of several excellent books on Vedic astrology
A world renowned astrologer

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Wow, what a program! Everything one could envision in a program is here. There is clearly no other program like it. Currently I own two wonderful Jyotish softwares but they do not offer the predictive power that you are developing with Vjyotish - I believe you are the one computer Jyotish pioneer in this matter and I look forward to a long relationship with you. … I am going back to explore your more than wonderful software.  

Swami Sadashiva Tirtha
D.Sc. (Ayurvedic Medicine & Research)
Author of "Ayurveda Encyclopedia"
Founder of the Ayurveda Holistic Center, New York

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Real life incidents and Vjyotish

User's feedbacks / Test feedbacks

This is our humble effort to strip off astrology from all its alchemy and magical image to its proper place as any other modern liberal science and make astrology relevant for the modern world. We are presenting you here several astrological analyses for known incidents - accomplished through our unique astrology tool "Vjyotish-exl".

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We continually receive feedbacks from Vjyotish-exl users spread around the globe. Though it is not possible to present all of them here due to privacy reasons – but still, a selected few are being published with due permissions from concerned persons.

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Concepts behind Vjyotish indexes

Background and technical explanation

“Vjyotish-exl” is a concept and method of drawing a net astrological conclusion in precise numerical terms, called as 'net astrological effect', by mathematically quantifying various key astrological parameters.

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The program integrates natal promises of various planets in a horoscope with their transit status. Several established Vedic astrology principles are simultaneously integrated to gauge the exact benefic and malefic effects of each planet in natal horoscope as well as in their daily transit.

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What is innovative?

Ecstasy-What does it take to create it?

The innovative was the "vision", which, for the very first time in the history of computer astrology, visualized a method of analyzing "each day", and that too, in great details, which aimed at providing a sound basis to anyone looking for astrological guidance in everyday endeavours.

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Eight men-years, abundance of innovative ideas,  and above all, the passion. Only such wealth of investments could create an astrological experience so rich, rare and unique. Here's a report designed to take your expectations to a new high.

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Practical uses of Vjyotish (example: 1)

Practical uses of Vjyotish (example: 2)

Using astrology can help you win money in lotteries, gambling and horse-races. Timing is everything. Really everything.  The Vjyotish report is short, simple, and very powerful. It clearly indicates your luckiest days when odds will be in your favour, and the unluckiest days as well.

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Vjyotish-exl can reveal your intelligence and other mental states on an astrological scale. Some times you need a better ‘sense of judgment’ rather than a good ‘imaginative strength’. Vjyotish can point-out the exact dates on which you will have mental equipoise and tranquility.

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Test it on your own past life-event?

Evaluate its features without buying

You can test a significant and unexpected event of your own life yourself through Vjyotish - free of cost and without any obligation. Experience shows that Vjyotish index values suddenly drops when a negative event is in the offing and increases during good periods.

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When you download Vjyotish-exl, this program will work as evaluation copy to let you assess it's complete features without having you to buy it. The software will run for a sample horoscope till you order us to personalize it for your own horoscope.

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Frequently asked questions

Report samples

We are frequently asked various types of questions about our products, services and even about ourselves. We have compiled these questions and their answers. Hopefully, your question may be one of them.

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The program provides exhaustive 'How is your day today' reports, intricate interpretive reports, in-depth suggestive reports and several free astrological utilities of universal interest.

Are they sacrosanct?

The author

Some times, we are asked - whether the Vjyotish indexes sacrosanct? Our answer is ‘No’. Some people in this world can, by their own conscious efforts, create complete new indexes for themselves. Truly, they are the masters of their own destiny.

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Vjyotish has been conceptualized and created by Shyam S. Kansal.   

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