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Stock Compass

Horoscope based calculations & charts

Following Vedic astrology charts and calculations, for your own horoscope are available in "Stock Compass".


1. Lagna (Ascendant)
Planet charts (Moon chart, Venus chart etc.)
(Taking the planet's sign as ascendant)

Divisional charts
Hora, Dreshkana, Chaturthamsha, Panchamsha, Shashtamsha, Saptamsha, Ashtamsha, Navamsha, Dashamsha, Ekadashamsha, Dwadashamsha, Shodashamsha,  Vimshamsha, Trimshamsha, Khavedamsha, Akshvedamsha, Shastiamsha
4. Sayana chart (without any "Ayanamsa")
5. Indu Lagna
6. Karakamsha (in birth-chart)
7.  Aarudh lagna and Aarudh Dwadash Bhava


Other frequently referred calculations:

1. Vimsottari dasha
2. Ashtakvarga


Miscellaneous astrological calculations :

1. Yogini dasha
2. "Upgrahas" (Tertiary planets)
General planetary information 
(based on their posited signs)
4. "Panchdha Maitri" table
5. Aggregate of "Shadbala" of planets

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