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Stock market forecasts

Stock Compass

Shortlist stocks
astrologically compatible 
to your horoscope

Prepare a ranking list of the 'Best Suited Stocks'

This option lets you shortlist the companies astrologically compatible rather than having to go through a number of them to find one.

The report can be prepared on several astrological parameters, as primary consideration, to rank various stocks. The report will start from the top ranked (most suitable) stock, as per your selected criteria and shall list other stocks in descending order of rankings upto the desired ranking.

Suitability of the stock will be shown in numerical terms. The two-page full text suitability report on each of these companies is also available in 'Stock Suitability' option of the program.
(view sample of full text suitability report)

The report will give you following information about astral harmony of each stock:

1. As denoted by Vedic Astrology principles.
2. As denoted by Western Astrology principles.
3. Net suitability after adjusting results obtained through 
   Vedic & Western astrology."
4. Long term investment suitability."
5. Short term investment suitability."
6. Speculation suitability."

You can get rankings of stocks on any of the above astrological criteria. All results are shown in percentage terms, except the results by 'Western Astrology principles' where 'Net-Aspect Values' are shown on a scale of -100 to +100.

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