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Your birthday is the most important day in your life every year. The exact time of one's Birthday is a sacred annual event for each individual. It happens at only one specific moment each year. It is at that moment - and only that moment - in which the Earth/Sun relationship is exactly the same as when you were born. Such a moment constitutes an *event*, and as with all events, this one too is the basis for a horoscope of importance. 
Carl Jung said that 'Every moment of time has its own unique quality'. You would also want the 'quality' of the Birthday 'moment' to be special in a favorable way, especially since it becomes the horoscope for the year in that person's life. 


Given this premise, the individual is encouraged to enter the Birthday moment with a sense of reverence. The individual is encouraged to put some thought and effort into assuring that this moment is somehow empowered, infused, with an energy or thoughts consistent with what that individual would want to experience in the coming year.

What should one do at this moment? That of course is up to each individual (you). Obviously it would not be a favorable omen if you engaged in an argument, or sat home brooding, or went to work in an atmosphere of frustration or boredom. Such experiences at the time of your Birthday would likely set the foundation for your mind-set for the entire year - and it would be negative. 
Scope and utility :

The report provides you ideas which are intended only as suggestions. They take into account the premise that your Birthday is the most personally sacred of all days of the year for you. Therefore, going into the moment of a Birthday, you are advised to plan something special, something ideally that would 'empower' that moment for you. A ritual of some sort might be a good idea. 

For instance, you might take into account your location-to-be at that moment. Choose some place special, some place in which you are comfortable, happy, and in harmony with. Perhaps it is near a lake, ocean, river, or mountain. Perhaps it is on a beach or in a forest. Or, perhaps it is in a favorite room. 

Set the 'stage'. Perhaps you wish to have a candle burning, and/or music playing. Perhaps the direction you are facing (North, East, West or South - facing the Sun, or the Moon) has special meaning to you. Perhaps there are artifacts (i.e. pets, jewelry, stones) that have personal meaning, and you wish to display them in your 'circle.' Perhaps there is a special person whom you have decided to share this moment with. 
The approach and methodology:

An "Annual Birthday chart" is calculated for the place - "Where You Are Currently Located On Your Birthday" in a particular year, instead of your "Place of Birth" (which is used for calculating your "Natal Birth-chart"). In a given year, you complete another year of your age at the exact moment when the Sun has the same longitude and zodiac sign as it had at the time of your birth and it happens once each year either the same day, or the day before or the day after your date of birth. This is your true Astrological Birthday & time for a particular year. 
Your exact "Sacred birthday moment" will be calculated for the concerned year based on your current location. An "Annual Birthday chart" is calculated for the place - "Where You Are Currently Located On Your Birthday" in a particular year, instead of your "Place of Birth". This be your true Astrological Birthday & time for a particular year. 
For ensuring maximum Grace of "Varsh-Nakshatra" and it's deity, during the concerned year, the report will tell you - how to propiate it's Varsh- Nakshatra Lord. Mantra to propiate and to seek blessings of ruling deity of concerned Nakshatra will also be told.
According to Hindu astrology, some trees or plants are associated with each Nakshatra and worshiping their Nakshatra tree is believed to bring positive influence in life.  The "Nakshatra-Vriksha", The "Deity Vriksha" and The "Kshema Vriksha" related to Varsh- Nakshatra will be listed in detail. These recommendations are based on the ancient scripture of Ayurveda - 'Rasraj Mahodadhi'.
Yantra of Varsh-Nakshatra lord will be told. While reciting the Varsh-Nakshatra's Mantra, this Yantra should be kept nearby to make mantra more effective. 
Overall Assessment of the year will be done based on location of Muntha and Muntha Lord.
Detailed assessment of the concerned year based on Solar Return Ascendant.
The report will be prepared by Shyam S Kansal himself, one of the best known Vedic astrologer of modern times.