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Vjyotish Index of Wealth and Prosperity
Identify your Lucky and Unlucky days for Wealth & Prosperity



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Vjyotish-index is a dynamic model for predictions, based on Vedic Astrology principles. The innovative is the 'concept' and 'method' of drawing a net astrological conclusion in precise numerical terms for the concerned aspect of life, by mathematically quantifying various relevant key astrological parameters. The method is unique in that it quantifies the benefic and malefic influences of each relevant planet and house lords; their strengths (Shadbala), their transits through various sensitive points of a natal chart, effects of operating Vimsottari dasa etc. in precise unambiguous figures. It is also unique in that it combines the effects of different relevant planets and houses and can integrate the effects of various planets with respect to each other.
The algorithm integrates the natal promises of concerned planets with their transit status in a very simple and elegant manner, compared to other techniques of Vedic as well as Western astrology. The innovation is in the 'way', in which several established Vedic astrology principles are simultaneously integrated to gauge the exact benefic and malefic effects of each concerned planet on relevant houses, in natal horoscope, as well as in their daily transit.  


It is a totally integrated close loop system, where the effects of all the concerned planets are simultaneously considered. It is universal and internally consistent and it also is least dependent on an individual astrologerís judgment. This is because the astrological parameters are very well quantified by our learned seers in ancient Jyotish texts.
Scope and utility :

It is the projected balance sheet of your day with reference to your financial prosperity. Vedic astrology captures this balance sheet from your birth details.

This index represents the cumulative 'net astrological effect' (algebraic sum of positive and negative effects) of concerned planets, relevant houses & their Lords, Significators & Dasa lords -for any given day - computed on the basis of ancient Vedic astrological principles and are unique just for you because its base of calculation is your natal horoscope. The positive and negative inclinations and strengths, of concerned planets, are rationalized and expressed in mathematical terms.

This Vjyotish index is specially useful if you are actively trading in stock market or commodities market. Through this index, you can assess the astrological indications for financial prosperity in your birth chart, on day-to-day basis, and act accordingly.

The "Prosperity index" relates to your earning capacity and capacity to accumulate material wealth, particularly what accrues through your own labour. Monetary investments, self acquisition and optimism are signified by this index. This index depicts actual material gain or income that you achieve through your efforts, creativity, and your vocations.

A positive value in this index will indicate that your gain may be even higher than the efforts that you are actually putting. Broadly, speaking, this index signifies, according to it's strength, the wealth, gain of money, increased income and prosperity.

Similarly, a negative index value in this index indicate unfavourable and undesirable results with reference to "Financial Prosperity" primarily. You may incur financial losses or your gains may not be commensurate to your efforts. Negative oscillations in this index can also lead you to excessive spending. On and around dates, with extreme negative scores, you need to be cautious, should not be unduly proactive and should observe extreme prudence and caution while dealing with financial matters or trading in stocks and commodities.

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words
  The "Vjyotish Index of Prosperity" is in graphic format. The Vjyotish index has "zero" ('0') as its "optimum value". Astrological value (algebraic sum of net effects of constituent astrological factors) for a day, generated by Vjyotish program, may be either a "negative" or "positive" value. Negative values are shown as horizontal bars on the left side and positive values are shown as horizontal bars on the right side of the vertical date axis. The vertical index axis itself represents the 'zero-line'. Each horizontal bar represents a single date.

The concerned "Month" and "Year" are written on the upper left-hand side of the index, parallel to the starting date. Thereafter, whenever a new month starts, "Month" and "Year" are again shown on the left hand side of the index, parallel to the first date of the month. The "Date" itself is shown on the middle vertical axis of the index.
  The positive index scores (horizontal bars on the right side) in this report show possibility of positive, favourable and desirable results for all matters related to finance, wealth and prosperity. Your efforts to earn money and create wealth would reap positive results. During this time, you will overcome obstacles and worries in concerned matters. Your efforts will remain focused and concentrated leading to smooth success in this area. There may be surprising events of a beneficial nature. During such period, your efforts most probably will prove profitable and productive.
  The negative index scores (horizontal bars on the left side) indicate negative, unfavourable and undesirable results concerning finance, wealth and prosperity. You will be susceptible to financial losses. There may be failures, obstacles/delays and unexpected problems in finance related matters during such period. On and around dates, with high negative scores, you need to be cautious, should not be unduly proactive and should observe extreme prudence and caution in finance related matters. If you are trading in stock market or commodities/ metals market or Forex market, you should take extreme caution on such dates. You will be prone to losses.