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"I think you have done a great job. You have done a wonderful analysis of the day. Your effort is most commendable and useful for a discerning astrologer."

Vinay Aditya

Author of "Dots of Destiny: Applications of Ashtakvarga"

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Chris, the horse-racing gambler, Sydney

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Dear Shyaam Sunder Kansal,

I am interested in your fascinating Vjyotish program, which I have
downloaded, but would like to try a test first.

Many thanks and regards,


Dear Shyaam,

Many thanks for your swift response and the customization files from your
intriguing program.

The event I was testing for was my biggest win so far on a horse race, the
Tuesday 07 November 2000 Melbourne Cup, when I won over $3,000.

I have not had time to do the program justice and have only had a quick look
at the horse racing area, which seems to come up with a negative result.

However, this may have been a critical day and I have quite possibly ignored
some other important factors.

I would appreciate your comments.

I will be getting back to you in the next few days to order some paid
reports on other dates when I have won (and lost) money on the horses.

Best regards,



Dear Chris

Thank you very much for the feed-back. I checked your following Vjyotish indices (in single aspect mode) for the 7th November 2000, the day you won over $3,000 in Melbourne Cup horse race. The results are as follows:

1. Luck index for earnings through horse races (4th index in Menu 3) :  This index is not showing any positive values on 7th November 2000 as such. In fact, this index is quite negative since 1st September 2000
till 17th November 2000 continually (78 days). However, you will notice one intriguing phenomenon in this index that on 6th November 2000, it has suddenly lost it’s negativity and has the least negative values within 78 days long duration. Only September 13th is slightly lesser negative. After 11 days, from 18th November 2000, this index suddenly changes its pattern and is becoming highly positive for rest of the period, till December 31st 2000.

2. Wealth index (2nd index in Menu 1 “Basic indexes of your life”): This index is clearly making a “top” exactly on 7th November, indicating that if there is any gain of wealth during that period, it would be on 7th.

3. Wind-fall index (8th index in Menu 1 “Basic indexes of your life”): This index is also continually negative from 1st September 2000 to 17th November 2000. There is only one date in this index, on which, this index has lost negative values and acquired some positivity, AND, that date is 7th November 2000.

4. Luck index for sudden gains of property (1st index in Menu 3): This index is having continuous positive values from 1st November 2000 to 15th November 2000, without any break. I have explained on my website, under the heading “How to interpret Vjyotish indexes” that when similar pattern is shown continuously for several days, the chances of indicated results increases. Further, in this 15 days patch of positive values, there are two dates having the maximum positive values – and they are 6th November (highest) and 7th November (2nd highest).

I hope, my analysis helps you in interpreting the Vjyotish indices in a better way.

Kind regards,

Dear Shyaam,

Many thanks for the analysis on my horse race win, which was very helpful.

I had another look at the program and found that the Day's General Overview
in the Relevant Vjyotish Indices As A Group window shows major changes for
that day in a number of areas.

My Index Value score for Grace, Fortune & Luck jumps from 7.00 on 6 November
to 37.18 on the race day, 7 November.

Sudden Unexpected Fortunes goes from a negative 22.95 to a positive 8.05.

Wealth & Property rises from 67.09 to 97.27.

Income & Fulfillment of Desires improves from a negative 33.53 to a negative

Interestingly, my Peace of Mind drops suddenly from a negative 13.11 to a
negative 59.10. This tallies exactly with what happened; I was very hyped up
by the win.

Finally, my Motivation Index Value climbs from 15.09 to 45.27, a typical
reaction for a gambler inspired by a good win.

This really is stunning evidence in favour of your program and I will definitely be buying it.

Best regards,

Dear Chris

I am really pleased to find that you could analyze all the hues and shades of "your day of winning" so well with the Vjyotish. Vjyotish is actually meant for persons like you.  Thank you very much for investing so much time in exploring Vjyotish.

Best regards,




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