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Vjyotish tested on real-life incident (1)

An email from a learned astrologer of U.K.  who tested Vjyotish on a very traumatic event of her friend very comprehensively.

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Vjyotish test feedback


Thu, 16 Jan 2003 13:57:46 -0000

To all members of these lists,

Vjyotish is software that purports to generate indices that will give advance warning of significant events. If successful, it promises to be a very useful tool for non-astrologers to get a general indication.

Some time ago, I agreed to test Vjyotish on past events using suitable data. As my first test, I used the data for a friend Sara B as test data. The makers of Vjyotish have no knowledge of the test case I was submitting or the type of the event or the date of the event. I asked for a 3 months period spanning the event.

Sara B lost her mother suddenly and unexpectedly on the 15th of December 2001. This was extremely traumatic for her as her mother was also her closest friend and Sara was expecting the first grandchild in the family to be born on the 14th of jan 2001. She still finds it hard to cope with and finds the whole Christmas period a very sad one now as it is close to her mother's anniversary.

I tested the software with the general misfortunes index (01). There was a sudden reversal of the index from very positive up to Dec 15th 2001 to very negative on 16th Dec 2001. And the index stays negative after that date mostly to the end of the period I requested - 1st Nov - 1-Feb 2001. The happiness index also reverses on the 15th of December. The index of mother's health also sees this reversal on the same date. As a control, I tested the index of father's health, which does NOT show this reversal on that date. So the indices do discriminate quite successfully in identifying the issues that could be at stake. Checking the index for the spouse, I find that there is a reversal on that date, but that the negative index is only mildly negative.

So I would say that the test of the software has been very positive in this test case. Monitoring this index for Sara B before the event would have noticed the index reversal, and sustained negative value of the index after the reversal to conclude that there was a significant negative event to be expected.

I think further development of this software to identify dates when there is a large change in the index in a direction opposite to the previous change AND a change in the direction of the index AND a large value for the reversed index would prove very fruitful. This would allow some significant dates to be picked out and displayed as a summary table, and would make use/testing easier. But even as it stands the software seems promising and justifies further testing. I will post further test data for Vjyotish soon and report the results to the lists. With some luck I will have another test case to submit this week. At the moment I have only identified a total of 3 test cases that are suitable - i.e. ascendant not on the border and the test event not discussed on this list or any other list.

Please feel free to forward the results of these tests to other lists that may be interested in an independent test of this software.


Nimmi Ragavan


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